Height (km)

Speed (km/s)



Inclination (degrees)

Orbital Period (minutes)

Satellite Details

INTLDES: 2018-048A
NORAD Cat ID: 43484
Object Type: PAYLOAD
Country: PRC
Launch Date: 2018-06-02
Launch Site: JSC
Launch Vehicle: Long March 2D
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(GF) is a series of Chinese civilian remote sensing satellites. Gaofen F 6 is an optical satellite similar to the Gaofen 1 satellite, but using a different instrument suit, consisting of a 2/8 m resolution panchromatic/hyperspectral camera with an image swath of >90 km) and a 16 m resolution wide angle camera with an 800 km image swath. Both cameras use a three-mirror anastigmat telescope. Both covers visible light to NIR bands (wavelength ~450-900 nm).

Orbital Elements

Inclination: 98.05
Period: 97.53
Apogee: 648
Perigee: 633
Decay: In Orbit (No Decay Date)
Epoch: 2018-08-08 04:11:48
Mean Motion: 14.76465457
Eccentricity: 0.001094
Mean Anomaly: 293.7208
Bstar: 7.4687e-08